Three Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Clean

Three Tips To Keep Your HVAC System Clean

Why does my HVAC system get dirty so quickly, and what can I do to keep it clean, so it lasts longer?

Contaminants in the air are the simple, quick answer. High levels of dust and debris put a strain on your unit, making filters clog faster. An increase in the number of people in your home, pets, and produce that emits gasses can also increase the amount of dirt being kicked into your system.   

Tips for Clean HVAC

Steps you should take to get control and help your system last longer:

Changing filters not only more regularly but also based upon events as well as a calendar. If you have more than usual traffic, such as a Thanksgiving party, you should add a filter change as part of your after-party clean-up.  

Ensuring your filters are correctly sized. An incorrect filter size allows unfiltered (contaminated) air into your system. This is the easiest and least expensive fix you can do for your unit’s longevity. 

Consider two additional IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products as add-ons to your system. We recommend options 1 & 2 or option 3. 

1. Blue UV-C lights on your Air-Handler coil

We have many to choose from; however, our preference is the  Fresh Aire Dual UV. The Dual UV sterilizes the surface of your coils and kills any contaminants on them.  

2. An (in-duct) Air purifier product

reme halo led air purifier

We also have many to choose from; however, our preference is the REME HALO LED. The REME purifies against pollutants and kills viruses.  

3. A combined all-in-one product (our favorite)

HVAC UV Lights

A combined all-in-one product (our favorite) is APCO-X MAG15 DT3, a purifier with 2 UV lights.

Please call us at (561) 395-6400 with any questions to help you keep your system clean and provide you with healthy, clean air. 

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