Air Quality: REME-HALO vs. REME Halo-LED

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Air Quality: REME-HALO vs. REME Halo-LED

What is the difference between the REME-HALO vs the REME Halo-LED?

The REME-HALO, priced at $780 installed, is a home in-duct air purifier that recreates nature’s air purifying process by using ultraviolet light to create ionized hydro-peroxides molecules which break down containments and creates charges on dust and particles that allows filters to catch the particles more efficiently. Cell replacement is recommended every 2 years and carries a 5-year ballast and 2-year cell warranty. With UV technology the UV light must remain on at all times, lessening energy savings. When activated, UV lights release a small amount of mercury, which LED’s do not.

The REME Halo-LED, priced at $1180 installed, is the industry’s first LED in-duct air purification system. Its air purifying technology is similar to the REME-HALO, using hydro-peroxides, but it also includes the use of bi-polar ionizers reducing airborne particles. The REME Halo-LED has superior energy saving by cycling on and off with your HVAC system, destroys VOC’s (Volatile organic compounds) 2x’s faster than typical UV air purifiers, and has a much longer life than a typical UV light. It is also the first mercury-free and ozone-free air purifier and includes automatic self-cleaning ionizers with carbon fiber brushes to reduce particulates. The REME Halo-LED also features a washable ceramic catalyst that makes it easier to clean. Cell replacement is recommended every 4.5 years and carries a 7-year ballast and 4-year cell warranty. Watch more about each product on our YouTube Channel.

reme-halo halo-led
Pictured above: The REME-HALO
reme halo led air purifier
Pictured above: The REME Halo-LED

When should I replace the cell and what is the cost difference?

The REME-HALO is recommended every 2 years at the current cost of $395 including installation. The REME HALO-LED is much more efficient, so it is recommended to be changed every 4.5 at the current cost of $575.

As you can imagine, we cannot guarantee these costs 2 or 4 years down the line, but we always strive to create affordable services for our customers and will continue to do so. So when the time comes to make the change, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our pricing.

Are You Ready for Cleaner Air?

Watch this video to learn more about REME Halo-LED’s superior technology.

What is the cost difference over 5 years for the REME-HALO vs the REME Halo-LED?

The REME-HALO will have more frequent costs associated with the unit, while the REME Halo-LED will have fewer replacement costs and should continue to function with no issues. By year 5, you will have a cost difference of $115 if you keep up with the recommended replacements of the cells, favoring the REME-HALO on lower costs. Just remember, the REME Halo-LED does have the ability to turn on/off with your HVAC unit, creating energy savings. This could save you more than $115 over the five years.

I found it cheaper on Amazon, can’t I just buy it and POLAIR installs it?

You could, but we do not recommend that. Not only will manufacturers not honor warranties if the product is not purchased from an authorized dealer and installer, but we also recommend you purchase the product from us because it includes the cost of labor and installation. This will include our warranty on labor for 90 days from the date of install.

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