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We guide our customers through the buying process and ensure they purchase the right product for their home.


We know our customers like to be a part of the decision-making process and rely on our expertise to help choose the right quality and brand for their HVAC system and accessories. 

We offer our customers top brands for all of our product categories, including:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Air Filtration Products
  • Smart Thermostats
  • AC Preventative Maintenance 
  • Air Filters

We Offer Special Financing Options


It can get overwhelming figuring out all the different terminology and questions regarding Air Conditioners:

  • How many seers?
  • What is the tonnage?
  • What is the energy-star rating? 

At POLAIR, we know customers like to make an educated choice on their new HVAC System, and that is why we can help you determine the right brand for your home and the air conditioning location. We provide you with all the information you need to know about your system on every service call.

rheem brand ac


You disinfect, wash, and wipe away as many germs, bacteria, and pollutants from your home as you can. In most households, though, a cold or virus will still find its way into the house, and suddenly everyone is sick. You can avoid all of the stress and hassle of disinfecting countertops and going on cold supply runs by installing an air quality product such as the REME Halo-LED or REME-HALO air purifier.  

reme halo led air purifier


  • Reduces airborne and surface microbials, bacteria, viruses, and mold
  • Reduction of smoke, odors, VOCs, allergens, dust, and particulate
  • Mercury and ozone-free
  • Seven-year limited warranty
reme halo air purifier cleans bacteria and viruses in air


  • Dual ionizers to reduce airborne particulates (dust, dander, pollen, mold spores)
  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses
  • REME® reduces sneeze germs by 99% in the time a sneeze can reach three feet.
  • New zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces
iwave air purifier


  • Kills mold, bacteria, and viruses in the coil and living space
  • The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, and static electricity
  • Controls cooking, pet, and VOCs odors
  • The patented self-cleaning design ensures ongoing peak performance

BLU-QR2 UV Light

  • Kills mold, mildew, and bacteria on AC coils
  • Helps reduce musty, moldy smells from AC
  • Control Odor



Everyone loves being connected, and we offer SMART technology that allows you to be connected to your home. You can control your home with a smart thermostat and connect it via Wi-Fi to control the associated app. We offer brands including:

  • Nest Thermostats
  • Glas Thermostats by Johnson Controls
  • Honeywell Smart Thermostats
  • Emerson Sensi Thermostats
  • Ecobee Smart Thermostats


SmartPM's | Preventative Maintenance Plans​



This will consist of 2 full-service maintenance visits per year with the POLAIR, powered by SmartPM maintenance system.

2 HVAC Services included per year
6% Discount on Parts, Service & Sales



This will consist of 3 full-service maintenance visits per year with the POLAIR, powered by SmartPM maintenance system.

3 HVAC Services included per year
8% Discount on Parts, Service & Sales



This will consist of 4 full-service maintenance visits per year with the POLAIR, powered by SmartPM maintenance system.

4 HVAC Services included per year
10% Discount on Parts, Service & Sales


merv filter ratings


We offer MERV 8 or higher rated filters to our customers (MERV is an abbreviation for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). We measure filter sizes to make sure they properly fit and work so that they effectively trap small particles that circulate throughout the home. MERV rating measures on a scale of 1-16, the higher the rating of the filter, the more particles it traps. We set a high standard and give a quality air filter to our customers by providing MERV 8 filters or higher.

Ask Us About Our SmartFP Filter Replacement Plan

Ac preventative maintenance filter replacements

Pair a SmartPM with Our SmartFP Filter Replacement Plan

Choosing to purchase both a SmartPM and a custom SmartFP plan will protect your investment and improve your air quality and unit’s performance throughout the year. Plus, you will receive the upgrade to MERV 8 or 10 filters for your unit.

Our custom SmartFP Filter Replacement plans are for homeowners who want to have a comprehensive white-glove HVAC service. Call us for more information.