Hard Start Kit 2
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Hard Start Kit


Price includes installation.

A hard start kit is a device used in HVAC systems to assist in starting up compressors, particularly those in air conditioning and refrigeration units. It provides an extra boost of power to the compressor during the initial startup phase, helping it overcome the high initial resistance and reducing the risk of damage to the compressor.




Here’s how a hard start kit works:

  • Capacitor: The hard start kit consists of a capacitor, which is an electrical component that stores electrical energy. When the compressor is turned on, the capacitor is charged by the electrical current.
  • Relay: The hard start kit also includes a relay, which is an electrical switch that controls the flow of current. When the compressor is turned on, the relay closes, connecting the capacitor to the compressor.
  • Power Boost: The stored energy in the capacitor is then released into the compressor, providing an extra boost of power. This helps the compressor overcome the high initial resistance and start up smoothly.
  • Relay Disconnection: Once the compressor reaches a certain speed, the relay opens, disconnecting the capacitor from the circuit. The compressor then continues to operate on its own power.
Hard start kits are commonly used in HVAC systems with larger compressors or in regions with high ambient temperatures, where the compressor may face additional challenges during startup. They help protect the compressor from damage and ensure reliable operation of the HVAC system.