ClearVue Pump 120 Volts
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ClearVUE 120v (Condensate Pump System)


Price includes installation.

Our Polair exclusive custom drain pan paired with the Diversitech pumps will enhance your HVAC system to help save you from the hassle of leaks that could damage your home.


Product Details

  •  No Float, No Problems. ClearVues IQ Technology and float-less Sensor make this the most advanced condensate pump ever.
  •  Runs at the minimum speed needed, saving wear on the pump.
  •  Its unique self-cleaning feature senses problems and automatically enters a self-cleaning mode using condensate water to fix the issue.
  •  Features a clear bottom tank to easily check the water level
  •  The float-less sensor eliminates the problems associated with conventional condensate pumps such as debris fouling, sunken floats, and misalignment, no float, no problem.
  •  Senses how fast the condensate is entering the tank and adjusts to the lowest effective speed, making it quieter than a regular pump while also keeping the tank clear.
  •  Can provide up to 22ft of lift if needed and runs at the minimum speed needed, saving wear and tear.
  •  Includes specially designed rubber feet that dampen vibration and noise making ClearVue™ quiet and easy to live with.