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APCO X MAG 15 ER3 (Single Bulb + Air Purifier)


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APCO-X Mag is the result of more than a decade of development and is our most advanced indoor air treatment system. It combines UVC light and our proprietary activated carbon technology to safely & effectively neutralize odor-causing VOCs and biological contaminants. It not only treats the air but also helps keep the HVAC system clean and efficient and extend it’s life.

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  • Exclusive V-Twin EverCarbon Matrix™
    with nanotech antimicrobial coating
  • Advanced 3-year UVC 254nm quartz lamp
  • Direct coil exposure
  • UL Validated to produce no harmful ozone
  • Continuously treats the whole-system
  • Mounting Magnet with anti-vibration coating


  • Features 65% more effective surface area, improving performance 33% over the previous model
  • Long lasting, safe and effective
  • Ideal for limited-space HVAC systems with no duct access, or for direct coil exposure
  • Scientifically tested ensuring safety
  • Treats the air in the entire home all the time and is virtually maintenance-free (UVC lamp replacement only)
  • Secures assemble in-place


Helps keep the HVAC system running efficiently and extend its life.