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Benefits of Your SmartPM Purchase

Our SmartPM’s come with many benefits, including our expert service and exceptional customer service. Don’t miss out on the additional features of your SmarPM purchase, like discounts on sales, service, and parts, the ability to purchase a SmartFP filter replacement plan, and online booking requests.

Discount of Sales, Service & Parts

Take advantage of your discount for additional services and parts. If you have work that needs to be done, make sure to us for quality workmanship and expert service. Click below to browse all our services.

Complimentary Filters After First Service

We include complimentary filters* with your SmartPM Purchase. If you would like your filters changed more often, we do offer our  SmartFP Filter Replacement Program. Call us for more information.

Online Booking Requests

We understand your time is valuable; that’s why we offer online booking requests for services requests. Click below to request an appointment. 

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Get More with Your SmartPM Purchase

Recommended Services

We understand the importance of a comprehensive home maintenance plan, and that is why we offer additional services for homeowners who have purchased a SmartPM. Check out our most popular services that other homeowners just like you have purchased,

Introducing The Sensi Predict™

The Ultimate Smart Home HVAC Monitoring System

This innovative new 10-sensor system analyzes your HVAC and lets you know how your system is performing- helping you stay ahead of problems before they take you and your home out of your comfort zone.

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*Included after 1st Service Appointment. Measurements must be taken first. All Additional filters will be delivered before or at the second service call. Filters must be kept in a climate-controlled dry room, or area. Custom filter sizes may vary in price.