The Benefits of Thermal Scanning

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The Benefits of Thermal Scanning

If you are looking for an efficient and less invasive way to inspect your property for moisture, or energy leaks, POLAIR’s thermal scan may be your solution.

Thermal scanners are tools used by sophisticated professionals to improve the efficacy of their clients’ property by detecting possible issues. But what exactly does the technology do? Below, we discuss how thermal imaging or scanning will help pinpoint problems and allow you to troubleshoot these issues in your home.

Thermal Scanning: What are the Benefits?

Infrared cameras show how much thermal energy is emitted from an object or place. It’s essential to consider the points of different temperatures in your home to see if everything is working effectively.

Those that ask for thermal imaging may obtain images showing problem spots with unusual heat sources or areas with less heat than usual. Such areas will look natural to the naked eye, but thermal scanning allows us to see what the human eye cannot.

Inspecting your home is vital to ensure that you do not have moisture issues, electrical hot spots, or energy loss. Doing this helps homeowners get a clear picture of the quality of the home’s insulation. Nevertheless, walls, flooring, and insulation cover a substantial portion of the house. It is challenging to see if main facilities like your ducts, electrical, and plumbing work correctly without destroying sheetrock and walls.

Thermal scanning can identify problems both in new homes and in older homes. Construction codes have changed over time. With services like POLAIR’s Thermal Scan, homeowners can have a more accurate image of their home condition using thermal imaging. Here are the three key benefits of a thermal scan:

1) Finding Hidden Moisture

The construction envelope for the homes has grown tighter and tighter over time. This has resulted in a more limited airflow and a rise in bathrooms with dust, laundry rooms, and air ducts that can cause mold and mildew. Thermal imaging can help locate areas of hidden moisture that can be remedied. 

2) Electrical Hot Spots

Another benefit of thermal scanning is the potential to locate electrical hot spots in your home. When electrical wiring erodes, it generates heat at the contact points that our thermal imaging system can detect. You avoid the risk of a house fire by finding these early and can employ an electrician to repair the corroded wires.

3) Loss of Cool Air

Monthly utility bills are one of the largest expenses for a homeowner. Temperatures in Florida can frequently rise above 95 degrees in the summer months, and if your home doesn’t hold the fresh air effectively or keep hot air out, a HUGE energy bill might be the result. We can use thermal imaging technology to detect large cooling loss areas in your house in areas such as windows and doors. Fixing problems like these can save a homeowner 10-15% on their monthly energy bill.

Thermal imaging technology may help identify various problems within a home, such as missing insulation, too much moisture, and many other issues that can be detected using our thermal scanning.

Find an expert who uses thermal scanning.

While thermal scanning does not allow technicians to see through your home’s walls, this technology can provide extra insight into a home’s ability to keep cold air in and heat and moisture out. With our expert technicians using thermal imaging, you can know more about your home’s current condition and provide a more detailed study. Thermal imaging enables you to better understand your home and how you can maintain it. Call POLAIR to schedule your thermal scanning.