Honeywell T10
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Honeywell T-10 Thermostat


Price includes installation.

The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with included REDLINK™ indoor room sensor is the newest member of the T Series lineup of thermostats utilizing both RedLINK and Wi-Fi capabilities. It allows homeowners to prioritize spaces in their house where they want to direct their comfort. 3H/2C Heat Pump or 2H/2C Conventional, Geofencing and flexible programmability available. Utilizes the Honeywell Home App. ENERGYSTAR® Certified.


The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat* uses RedLINK™ Room Sensors to extend the reach of the thermostat beyond the hallway, so customers can get a more ideal temperature in the important rooms in their home – like bedrooms and living spaces.

  • Senses temperature, humidity and motion** to prioritize comfort in occupied rooms
  • Homeowners can prioritize different rooms at different times of day
  • Or, they can allow the thermostat to use geofencing to automatically optimize comfort and savings

Temperature, especially in bedrooms, is one of the biggest homeowner complaints when it comes to indoor comfort. When asked about the ability to prioritize certain rooms over others, consumers in a Resideo survey overwhelmingly agreed it was a must-have feature.

82% of consumers said prioritizing one room over another was a must-have or nice-to-have feature.